The Spring & Cannon Streets Corridor is Rising

For several years now, the Spring and Cannon Streets corridor has been evolving and changing, welcoming modern buildings, historic renovations and most importantly, a proliferation of shops and restaurants.  Every urban neighborhood needs mixed-use to thrive and Spring and Cannon are great examples of how areas can change.  This great article from the City Paper highlights some of the more...

I Used to Live in a House of Ill Repute

One of the best things about living in downtown Charleston is that not only are you surrounded by history all the time, but you also live in it too.  Sometimes the locale can be of honorable historic significance, other times – not so much. One of my earlier homes in Charleston was a former brothel on Fulton St, next to...

Dolphin Feeding Just Outside of Charleston

Dolphin's feeding on the banks of Morris Island, just outside of Downtown Charleston


Venturing into the Unknown – A Walk Through Charleston’s History at Magnolia Cemetery

This past Labor Day weekend, Randy and I decided to take a bike ride to a place neither of us knew of, inspired by a mention of it in the new “My Charleston” a magazine-like publication of the Post and Courier.  Magnolia Cemetery, just off the beaten path in “The Neck” area of the Peninsula, is home to a 128-acre...

One of Those Extraordinary Days in Charleston

One of Those Extraordinary Days in Charleston

Enjoying the waves at Isle of Palms and a Ravenel Bridge Sunset.