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Appraising the Character of Cannonborough/Elliotborough, Windermere and Byrnes Downs

The City of Charleston recently released what they call “Area Character Appraisals” for three additional neighborhoods which are considered to have a distinct historic importance in the Charleston region – Cannonborough/Elliotborough on the Charleston Peninsula, and Windermere and Byrnes Downs … Continue reading

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Master Preservationist Program-Day Nine. The Glory of Charleston’s Gardens

Oh how I wish there were some way I could capture the scent of wisteria in a Charleston spring and share it with you.  It’s intoxicating.  There’s nothing like wandering the streets with your nose as your guide or peeking … Continue reading

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Southwest Airlines is Now Gracing our Skies

The other day I looked up, and saw a bright orange and blue plane soaring across our Carolina sky.  I smiled because that little bird of paradise is a sign of great things to come.  Lower fares.  More visitors. Better … Continue reading

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Master Preservationist Program-Day Seven. Asphalt & Infill. Just how smart are we?

How many suburban strip malls and parking expanses do you see abandoned and lifeless on a daily basis?  Tons.  How many ex-urban neighborhoods are now struggling to stay afloat?  Many.  We are all fatter, we drive more, and we know … Continue reading

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Master Preservationist Program-Day Six. Preservation Law, Upper King St and a Challenge for Local Architects

Little did I know that two of the buildings that were part of my daily life in New York, would have such wide-reaching influence in preservation law in Charleston.  I also did not know that Upper King St has many … Continue reading

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Charleston Parks Conservancy – What, Why and How to Get Involved

While the Charleston Parks Conservancy is only about four years old, their impact in Charleston has already been tremendous.  They make the green spaces we enjoy, that are the fabric of our neighborhoods, beautiful.  In collaborating with the City, the Park … Continue reading

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