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As I wrote in my first post, Let’s Start at the Very Beginning, whether you live here now and are Charleston ga-ga just like me, or if our Lady Love is just a glint in your eye – this blog’s for you.  It’s about Charleston’s treasures, about her idiosyncrasies, about her homes and her lifestyles.

I am in real estate.  I help people find a great place to live because I am good at it and because I know what it is to rip up your old life and start anew.  I also help people sell their homes because I pride myself on my marketing expertise and candid approach.   My primary motivation (besides earning a living) is to make you happy and create long-lasting relationships.

Charleston drew me in over a decade ago with her glorious architecture, the breathtaking views, the sand and surf and the green marsh grasses as far as the eye can see.   And so here I am today, helping people create a new life, irrepressibly delighted to be engaged and alive and soaking it all up in this town I call home – Charleston, SC. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and it is my every intent to spread the love.

So Why Charleston?

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  1. EB says:

    Congrats on getting your blog up and running! Seems like the last time we walked you were just launching? Looks great! I have a page and nothing on it. Just need a little time…:)

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