Anson House Condo Auctions April 30 – A heads up!

For the latest news on this, seem my most recent post - Update: Anson House Condo Auctions. ------------------------------------------- This is not a warning, rather it is more of a heads up... The Anson House Condominiums are coming up for auction on April 30th, apparently led by The National Auction Group.   Here is their advertising headline... Luxury Condominiums in the Charleston Historic District 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condos to choose from in a premier location in Downtown Charleston. Breathtaking views of the harbor, Cooper River Bridge, Downtown & the park make Anson to read more...

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2 Responses to Anson House Condo Auctions April 30 – A heads up!

  1. roskilan says:

    What a disappointment… quite the unprofessional auction IMO

    • I am sure the National Auction Group did the best they could do given the situation with completely unrealistic sellers. I’d be furious if I had driven in from out of town. Stay tuned for my update post.

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