Appraising the Character of Cannonborough/Elliotborough, Windermere and Byrnes Downs

The City of Charleston recently released what they call “Area Character Appraisals” for three additional neighborhoods which are considered to have a distinct historic importance in the Charleston region – Cannonborough/Elliotborough on the Charleston Peninsula, and Windermere and Byrnes Downs just over the bridge in West Ashley – both well situated to be walkable and tightly knit (so of course some of my favorite neighborhoods!)

The documents are a bit lengthy but you can learn some neat things about each neighborhood – and if you are a local, you’ll have some great cocktail party conversation starters. 😉  For example, did you know that Cannonborough was named for Daniel Cannon, a carpenter and mechanic who owned several lumber mills in the area? These are the kinds of conversation I can imagine a and a houston real estate appraiser to strike, but none the less.

Each area character appraisal includes information about the following:

  • Neighborhood Background
  • History
  • Architecture
  • Urban Form
  • Landscape
  • Preservation and Integrity

So here they are!  Clicking the links will open a large PDF.  Or you can go directly to the City of Charleston page.



Byrnes Downs

And here’s a little video tour I did of Byrnes Downs and the surrounding area.

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