Best One-Bedroom Condo I've Seen for under $300,000 – 115 Rutledge Ave

I am always watching the under $300,000 market in Downtown Charleston since good condos are hard to find.  Mostly for under $300,000 you’ll see:

  • a place that needs significant renovation
  • a place that is less than 550 sq ft
  • a place that is located north of Calhoun St

But this little gem at 115-D Rutledge Ave beats all of that.  In Harleston Village, just steps from King St and Colonial Lake in a 1894 historic home, this one has been renovated to the hilt.  AND it comes with off-street parking.  Now it is a short-sale, meaning that the seller owes more than he/she is asking for it, but you never know when you are going to get a great deal.

1018493 – Details: 115 RUTLEDGE AVE, #D, CHARLESTON, SC – $289,900

P.S. I also happen to know one of the neighbors in the building – and they are pretty great.

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