Buying or Selling a Home

Whether you are buying a new house, a second home or want to sell the one you are in, there are a few things you want, a few things that are non-negotiable.  Here’s my guess at what’s important to you…please let me know what I might have missed!  And also, if you prefer to read what my clients have said about me, rather than read my bullet points, head to the bottom of the page. 🙂

  • You want someone who does what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it.
  • You want someone who can communicate with you in any way you like, at the frequency that works for you.
  • You want to set the time frame on our relationship since you may not be ready today, tomorrow or even six months from now….That’s ok – I’m in it for the long haul.
  • You want to feel like you are taken care of and not ignored.
  • You want someone who knows the area like the back of her hand.
  • You want someone who will calmly negotiate on your behalf and get you the best price possible.
  • You want someone who listens.
  • You actually want to have a little bit of fun.

If you want to buy a house or condo in Charleston:

  • You want someone who will dig deep and lift up all the rocks.  That includes knowing the auction and foreclosure market too.
  • You want someone skilled in research and negotiation.
  • You want someone who cares enough to find you a place you love, not pressure you when it’s not quite right.

If you want to sell your home:

  • You want someone who will focus on your house rather than try to juggle 15 at once.
  • You want someone who will spend the money up front for a professional photographer, a floorplan, custom brochures and marketing collateral.  Don’t settle for anything less.
  • You want someone who will be up front with you about what it’s going to take to sell your house, not just list it so they can have a sign in the yard.
  • You want someone who isn’t afraid of technology and who has a background in marketing and sales.

What others say about working with me

Here are just a few reviews from some great clients of mine – they offered them up and I said yes! You can also go to my Zillow profile to see them there.

On buying a property…

Wendy—We knew that Kristin would be good before we even met her – her blog and her listings at Piscataway homes for sale made it clear that she truly knew the Downtown area of Charleston inside and out. What we didn’t know was how effectively she would lead us through the home buying experience, or how far she’d be willing to go to make it easy on us. From start to now (I can’t say finish – even though we’ve closed on our house she’s still reaching out to us!) she’s handled every detail with confidence and capability. Kristin coached us through negotiations, walked us through every aspect of the regime set-up, advised us on all line items in the inspection, pushed on our behalf when our lender wasn’t responsive, provided every bit of information we could need as far as utilities, cable, city services, parking permits, etc. All of that was great, but what I really appreciated was how knowledgeable and enthusiastic she was about our neighborhood. Restaurants, shops, neighborhood pages to join on Facebook, new developments in our area, future developments we can expect – she knows all of it! I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s just been fantastic!

Michael—It ended where it began and Kristin B Walker knew it from the outset. Trying to find a local realtor from 2500 miles away is no easy feat but after reading Kristin’s blog,, we felt like we knew her and she definitely knows Charleston. We can’t express how impressed we are with Kristin’s patience, persistence and professionalism. Buying a house from long distance requires a lot of trust in your local representation. Countless times Kristin provided us with personalized video showings (she has an impressive and growing Youtube archive) and insiders’ knowledge about hidden perils of owning property in the Lowcountry (counter intuitive building codes, pending litigation with developers, nuances of flood insurance) of which we would have remained ignorant until it was too late. How I wish I had read up about the specifics on before all this happened. During one unexpected interaction, Kristin actually refused to make the offer, justifiably so in hindsight; a less committed agent would have made the sale and left us to an unpleasant epiphany. After two years of searching, multiple-offer near misses and one failed escrow, we finally found the ideal home in the community Kristin showed us the first time we met. This transaction was so unusual (almost bizarre in the unforeseen twists and revelations) and consequently very emotional, that it challenged us all (even our attorney was dumbfounded), and we are not newcomers to real estate. Repeatedly when the transaction seemed destined for failure, Kristin invoked the trust she built with us, remained above the fray, and demonstrated artful negotiating prowess to keep the transaction moving forward. What impressed us, was how she managed our emotions, effectively counseling us, preventing what would have been a reactionary and regrettable decision to cancel the contract. Kristin really did know what was best for us, from beginning to end. She listened to us, she understood our expectations, and remained patiently resolute, keeping us on track toward an outcome that was everything we hoped it would be. So thank you Kristin B Walker. We highly recommend you.

On selling a property…

Hayleigh – Kristin was the perfect realtor for us– house selling rookies who had to do most of the selling remotely! She really stood out in three areas that were important: 1. Honesty and Integrity: She understands that no matter how impressive your property is, it’s not sold until due diligence is through. So she encouraged us to be 100% honest and complete in our listing and disclosures so the buyer might not drop off later 2. Thoroughness: She helped answer questions on all aspects of the sale–showing,pictures,insurance, financials, handling buyer issues 3. Communication/Responsiveness- As millenials, we love being able to use text and e-mail– and she was always quick and thorough in replies, as well as using online tools to handle the legal aspects.  I 100% would vouch for Kristin to sell your home!

Lisa – Kristin worked with me on and off over several years as I considered and finally successfully sold my home in Charleston. She was always patient with my process and unfailingly professional, quick and responsive. Her negotiation skills and knowledge of the market are fantastic. I can’t recommend her enough, plus she’s so much fun!

On New Development Sales

Jeffrey—Kristin is an extraordinary talent and has been involved in the planning and decor since inception. Her contributions to our corporate efforts for the development company Bennett Gadsden Associates, LLC have indeed made the project better, and she seamlessly integrates solutions with our architectural team headed by julia martin. The six extraordinary row homes in Harleston Village represent cutting edge urban infill below Calhoun Street in historic Charleston peninsula.


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