Charleston Shines in 2012 so What’s on Tap for 2013?

As we enter our first full week of 2013, I thought I'd take a look back at Charleston in 2012. Really, it was quite a banner year for us for a myriad of reasons! Our economy boomed, the real estate market turned around, we received accolades galore and 2013 looks even brighter.  So take a look at my lists and predictions below.  Will it be sunshine and blue skies?? What went right in 2012. The unemployment rate in Charleston County dropped to 6.5%. According to the Charleston Regional Business Journal, we've reached a 4-year low and Charleston has the lowest unemployment rate in the state. to read more...

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7 Responses to Charleston Shines in 2012 so What’s on Tap for 2013?

  1. CarolinaGribbleBryan says:

    wonderful.. very insightful.. thanks for sharing- pretty and smart!!!

  2. ScottMiner says:

    Love it Kristin, I’m with you, Charleston is rockin’.

  3. Pinaki says:

    Also heard on the grapevine that street cleaning for side streets is coming 2013!

  4. Pinaki says:

    I agree! These new restaurants are busy too, but wonder what that means for the old ones? Also heard through the grapevine that street cleaning is coming north of Morris Street, even on side streets!

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