Charleston's Lesser Known Rural Beauty – Johns & Wadmalaw Islands

Did you know that just 20 minutes outside of Downtown Charleston, there are two rural islands that supply produce to many of our local area restaurants?  Did you know that there are countless working farms there?   Both Johns Island and Wadmalaw Island are treasures in their own right, allowing you to escape the city buzz and go back in time.  This past Saturday, I took my family to the Ambrose Family Farms because they had just opened their Strawberry U-Pick Em – and wow, what an experience.  You drive down a long dirt road, and come upon a spectacular farm, and seemingly endless rows of strawberries just bursting at the seams.  To kneel down among those plump red berries, and get your hands in the dirt under the blue Carolina Sky, just a short drive from Downtown is an incredible experience.

Strawberry Fields

For those of you who want to do something different while you are visiting Charleston (or if you live here!)  try what I call my “Rural Tour”.  It’s a great escape into Charleston’s rural beauty, a breath of fresh air and a step back in time.

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