Colonial Lake Torn Up. Sergeant Jasper Torn Down.

Way back when I was a student at the College of Charleston in the mid-nineties, my Charleston world was very, very small. I lived in the French Quarter (though it wasn't called that silly name then), worked there too, partied on Market Street, and walked or biked a few blocks to school. I rarely ventured west of Coming or north of Calhoun and never above Cannon Street. Ever. And imagine, that even though Harleston Village was just on the other side of the school where I went almost every single day, I never explored its tree-lined streets since it just didn't fall within my myopic purview. And to read more...

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4 Responses to Colonial Lake Torn Up. Sergeant Jasper Torn Down.

  1. Gwen says:

    Informative and well written – thanks!

  2. Stan Wall says:

    Kristin, did the Beach Company in fact build the Sarge?

    To add # 5 to your wish list, how ’bout a splash fountain and garden at the intersection of Lockwood and Broad!


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