Charleston Neighborhoods are diverse in character, architecture and charm. South of Broad, Ansonborough, Harleston Village, the French Quarter, Wagener Terrace – each has a distinct personality that helps to make up the eccentric, lovely patchwork that is the Charleston Peninsula. To learn more about each one, click your mouse on a colored area.  I have also included a list of the Charleston area’s walkable neighborhoods in a map below.

View Charleston Neighborhoods in a larger map

Charleston, SC has a delightful and very walkable historic urban core, but the metro area also includes a few other neighborhoods where if you don’t feel like getting in your car to go somewhere, you might not have to.  There’s a great website out there called WalkScore – just type in the address of a house you love or the place you live now, and get a score for the walkability of your neighborhood, plus a list of all the services, restaurants, schools and such nearby.
View Charleston Metro Area Walkable Neighborhoods in a larger map

6 Responses to Neighborhoods

  1. katharinekilpatrick says:

    What neighborhood would you suggest for a young couples with a small child? My husband and I are young professionals and looking to move to Charleston in a year or so. We love to visit but know nothing about the neighborhoods. 

    • Hi Katherine! I am happy to help. On the Charleston Peninsula, the best neighborhoods for families are Harleston Village and South of Broad in the Historic District. Just outside of that, Wagener Terrace and Longborough are popular with families due to their proximity to some great parks, and relative affordability.

  2. bethanyhikes says:

    Wow! You did an awesome job of organizing this information.  We are from southern California and looking to escape the crowds, traffic and the ever rising state taxes!  We have 3 kids in middle and high school.  Our ideal place would be a “walking town”, that’s safe for the kids to walk around and hang with friends, consistent pride-in-ownership neighborhood, access to good walks/runs with the dog (parks or outdoor open spaces) and good schools.  What areas do you suggest we think about?

  3. Sandra says:

    Hi Kristin, I’m trying to find recent information about Bicycle City, SC but cannot find any. Is this community still in the development stages or are there homes available to be purchased. Thank you. Sandra

    • Hi Sandra! Unfortunately I don’t know much about Bicycle City since the proposed location was not in Charleston, but rather 100 miles from here outside of Columbia, SC. Sorry I can’t be of assistance!

  4. Lucy says:

    Thank you so much for your infomation. i have been searching all over for info on the best neighborhoods and i have found no matter what the people can be great. so i found a home online and i am just taking the plunge. I’m so excited. it will be a huge change from Idaho living.

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