In the past ten years, Cannonborough and Elliottborough have experienced significant gentrification. Old homes have been spruced up and new homes have been built, though there are still many handyman specials available for those with a keen eye. Homes here range from $150,000 for a fixer upper to $800,000 for a large renovated home. Newer construction homes in the Morris Square and Midtown developments start at around $400,000. Bogard St is popular with college students and a fantastic restaurant opened there in 2008 – Trattoria Lucca.  There are also multiple great community gardens tucked in among these streets. The heart of this area, Spring St and Cannon St, is considered “Midtown” and numerous stores and restaurants are now lining the blocks.  Fuel and Lana are on the west end, and places like The Grocery are on the east. Construction is scheduled to begin on a massive new hotel, retail and residential project at the base of Cannon St on King St, which should further cement this areas growth.

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