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Hello! Yes, I used to have a real estate search on this page, but since most of you use Zillow, Trulia and (ZTR) to search anyway, I thought, why bother with my piddly ole one?? 🙂  But I CAN give you some great search tips on ZTR. Or if you like, you can use my company real estate search – it’s a pretty darn good one too.

Here are some ZTR search tips:

Make sure you are only seeing ‘Active’ properties rather than ones that are already under contract or ‘Contingent’ or ‘Pending’. It’s terrible to fall in love with a house that is about to be owned by someone else.  You can find this under Property Status, or in tiny little light colored font off to the side.

Ignore ALL taxes information. IT IS WRONG. What you will pay in property taxes has nothing to do with the number you find online, as that is based on myriad factors and old information. I can give you the exact calculators if you like.

Sometimes the neighborhood assignments are COMPLETELY WRONG too. I’m not sure where they get their data but for example, Trulia puts 309 Meeting St and 21 America St in Harleston Village. Not even close.  If you want to live in a specific neighborhood you’ve heard of – just ask me.

If you only want to look for property in Downtown Charleston – don’t type Charleston, SC because that will pull up all the suburbs too! You have to type the zipcodes which are 29401 and 29403.

If you want to know about a house coming on the market IMMEDIATELY – ZTR can’t help you. They only update every 24 hours – in less, but it’s still not immediate. The only way to know quickly is to ask me (or anyone else you are using). We can set you up on our ‘hot sheet’ alerts, and you’ll know as soon as we do. Sometimes 24 hours can make all the difference in the world.

Hope all those tips are helpful!!


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