Update 8/19 – Harleston Village, Queen Street fixer upper on the market for $535,000

Update 8/19 – FINALLY.  181 Queen went back under contract again on Monday, for the third time, and sold last night for $400,000.

1114826 – Details: 181 QUEEN ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $400,000

So how could it have sold for such a discount off the list price when obviously so many people were interested?  CASH.  Whomever the buyer was used the most powerful negotiation strategy out there which includes three elements.

  1. Cash
  2. Quick close (this one was three days, which is one of the fastest I’ve seen)
  3. No contingencies (no inspection, no financing, no CL100, nothing)

With these three elements on your side, particularly if the house is vacant, you can practically name your price.  My guess is at this point, the seller was so tired of negotiating and having the other buyers back out, he/she just dumped it.  Nice strategic move on the buyer’s part!  And I commend the agent as well.  I look forward to my new Harleston Village neighbor!!


Update 8/11 – It’s back on the market again.  What’s going on here?

Update 7/29 – And I am not surprised…back under contract in less than a day.

Update 7/28 – 181 Queen is back on the market for $35,000 less!  It looks like the buyer’s financing fell through and they lowered the price slightly according to the appraisal.  So, come and get it!  I know the floors are sloped pretty badly, but there is very little that can’t be fixed, and this could be quite a house.

1114826 – Details: 181 QUEEN ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $499,900

Update 6/22 – Well.  I was right.  Under contract in 6 days.  Let’s see if it stays that way since I know it has a ton of structural work to be done.  Will the buyer be up for it?  If they are, I am excited to see the house redone!


Ok, this one isn’t going to last longer than a week.  Who is going to be my new Colonial Lake neighbor??  At 181 Queen St, this Charleston Single has tons of potential and it’s even got an attached apartment that could be extra rental income or become part of the main house.  Yes – it would probably take $200,000 to make it perfect, but it’s worth about $900,000 fixed up.  Jump on it.

1114826 – Details: 181 QUEEN ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $535,000


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