I’d Rather have Cold than Mold in Charleston

Yes, for the past couple days, the entire right half of the country has been enveloped in a so-called 'polar vortex', with temperatures well BELOW ZERO (huh??) up North, and single digit record breaking temperatures here in the South. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about Charleston's recent weather because my northern neighbors would most certainly guffaw, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to give you a little architectural lesson about WHY it's a bit more difficult for many us to tolerate it (besides the fact we just don't own puffy down jackets), and why we might not do anything ...click to read more...

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3 Responses to I’d Rather have Cold than Mold in Charleston

  1. Nicole Roskill says:

    Right on, Kristin!

  2. Drew Denton says:

    I love this article; so informative and pretty hilarious, too. I bet that bubble wrap is off today! xo

  3. David E. Peden says:

    Sounds a lot like what my family members living in historic homes in Mobile deal with. Grandpapa blew insulation into Mamere’s walls and attic, but it’s still drafty and cold. Just part of the charm!

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