In honor of Edwin Gardner

This morning in Charleston, I participated in the Edwin Gardner Memorial Ride.  A bicycle ride to not only honor a fallen cyclist, but also a man who was an integral part of this city’s fabric, and loved by everyone with whom he came in contact. I arrived with camera in tow, intending to capture each moment of this event, hoping to create a moving photo montage that would illuminate the spirit of the ride.  I took photos of over 500 people gathered together on bicycles small and tall.  Of children and grandparents and 20-somethings and everything in between.  I photographed the endless stream to read more...
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4 Responses to In honor of Edwin Gardner

  1. Fran says:

    Today is my birthday. The present of your presence was felt. Thanks.

  2. Michael says:

    This was excellent, thanks. Wish I could have made the ride this morning. It sounds like it was a both moving and meaningful event. I appreciate your sharing with us.

  3. Susan L says:

    Kristin, that was lovely. You captured the day for us and your commentary created more beautiful pictures than reality ever could.

  4. Mark Fuchs says:

    Kristen, your words capture images that no camera could. The word pictures in your piece were so well crafted that I felt as if I were there with you. There are moments, and this certainly is one of them, when the emotion is best captured in writing. Thank you for letting my imagination see what you saw.

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