Inspired Infill – Building Dreams at 264-268 Ashley Ave

Down a long dirt driveway in an unlikely part of town, hidden amongst ramshackle Charleston homes in various states of deterioration, lies a project of such inspiration and passion, the energy of it is palpable. Dramatic I know, but true it is. This is a post about local design consultants and visionary developers - about people who push the bounds of the imagination while giving respect to Charleston and her historic architecture. People who use modern building technologies coupled with old school building styles in attempt to make homes that are comfortable, but that will last generations. to read more...

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2 Responses to Inspired Infill – Building Dreams at 264-268 Ashley Ave

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  2. Sam says:

    Wonderful project! We need more carefully designed, small scale interventions in our cities; especially ones that are done with such modesty, and with such a strong sense of place and tradition. Only with such care will our cities maintain and extend the richness of places like historic Charleston and Savannah.

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