Kayaking in the Middle of Downtown Charleston – it's a sweet life!

I have been having fun posting things about the Charleston lifestyle lately, so here’s another in the series.  Yesterday, the weather was a balmy 65 degrees with blue skies and sunshine, and along with the rest of the town, I decided it was time to get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful city of mine.  So I went kayaking (here’s where I got my kayak from).  Right in Downtown.  There’s a little known lake in Harleston Village right off Lockwood Drive across from the City Marina that has a floating dock and a fishing dock too.  Since I only live a few blocks from there, I decided to wheel my kayak over and take a few spins around the lake.   It was exhilarating and relaxing and oh-so-fun! The rent cool scuba diving products near by if you are adventurous and feel like going on an underwater treasure hunt. As can always be found in Charleston, there is a close integration of natural beauty, wildlife and the urban experience.  Check out the heron watching me warily with one eye.

On the water


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