Master Preservationist Program – Day Twelve. What’s in a Name?

Apparently, everything when it comes to the value of an historic neighborhood. For Day 12 of our Master Preservationist Program, we met at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, located at 28 Race St and a fine example of Byzantine architecture.  Race St is on the edge of a neighborhood currently referred to as the Westside.  The name Westside actually includes most everything west of King St, north of the Crosstown and south of Congress St (approximately). Within that large area, lies a neighborhood whose character and history are so specific that it has actually been thrown out to read more...
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3 Responses to Master Preservationist Program – Day Twelve. What’s in a Name?

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  2. Eric Snyder says:

    What an interesting article on Wilson’s Farm. I especially enjoyed the house — 11 Perry St, you featured. It’s our house! My boyfriend and I moved here from NYC three years ago and fell in love with the house and the surrounding neighborhood. We are slowly updating / renovating the house. We recently painted the exterior concrete a brick red to match the surrounding houses to make it more cohesive. And the front garden has everything from Black Krim tomatoes to lavender. But don’t rush over to take pictures just yet. We’ll be putting in new gutters and rainbarrels soon. Thanks again for your blog!

    • Oh that is so neat that is your house!! I bet it’s looking wonderful – I’ll definitely ride by to check it out. I moved here from NYC myself almost 9 years ago and found the transition so easy. Life here is sweet!

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