Recession? What Recession? King Street is Booming

Since my office is located at 214 King St, I pay close attention to what is happening on the entire stretch of the historic street.  It is a constantly evolving animal, subject to joys and disappointments, complaints about loss of local boutiques and chains moving in.  But the fact is, when I first came to Charleston 15 years ago, King Street was only half of what it is today. So in the recent recession, have some shops on King Street closed?  Yes.  Have some companies gone out of business?  Unfortunately, yes.  But others are moving in to try their hands at being a King Street stalwart to read more...
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  1. Jess says:

    Kristin – I came to this post via googling something, and I read through the whole thing (even though it wasn’t what I was originally looking for) before I realized it was you! hehe. I still vote no to rackroom shoes, though the rest are great!

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