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Happy Fall Ya’ll! It has officially arrived and the most beautiful month of the year, October, is only a few days away.  It has been quite a busy summer for me so if you thought you might have missed two issues of this newsletter, you did.

Please note: for more than three years, I’ve been sending out this newsletter via standard email. Unfortunately, Google has made some changes that have rendered that method impossible, so instead I have to send the newsletter out using some fancy program! For now while I figure that out, I’ll be posting it to my blog instead.

For your reading pleasure, you’ll find links to my most recent blog posts below as well as the usual selection of news, statistics, events and more. Recent sales are at the very bottom of the page – including one at almost $5,000,000. Don’t you want to know which one it was? 🙂

Charleston’s Food Insanity – Part Two – more and more restaurant openings in town.
It’s a Seller’s Market in Harleston Village – there’s a short supply of homes in my neighborhood.
For the Love of Colonial Lake – an ode to one of my favorite places.

As always, please don’t hesitate to email me or call with questions you might have about a house, neighborhood or the Charleston lifestyle.

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October Events

What else could there be to do besides spend every waking minute outside in the cooler air and crystal clear blue skies??  You can still even swim in the ocean…October is truly Charleston’s best kept secret.  If official events are what you are looking for, try the 29th Annual MOJA Arts Festival from 9/27-10/7, Wine, Brew and Wishes Too at Mount Pleasant’s Waterfront Park on 10/13, or the Charleston Green Fair that very same day and the following.


Party for the Parks on Colonial Lake


Real Estate News

Charleston Area Home Sales Continue to Rise – Closings surpass 1000 for the third month this year and we’ve got an average days on market time of 93 days. That is VERY healthy.


Charleston in the News

We’ve got JetBlue! Daily non-stop service to NYC and Boston – I am excited about this having never flown on JetBlue, and I do enjoy an occasional jaunt to my former home. It’s good news all around because they will help keep prices low and Charleston accessible to more visitors.

Charleston’s Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings – Some of these are covered in my recent blog post, others are new, and there are still others I’ve heard rumor of! You won’t go hungry in this town.

Charleston is one of the Top 10 Cities in the Country that People are Moving To – While most of us who move here want to shut the gate behind us, we can’t help but be proud our City is so alluring.


Storms and Sun on the Ashley River


August 2011 vs August 2012 year-to-date number of properties sold (source of statistics: MLS).  Year to date median prices for homes compared to last year in the same time period are Downtown (below the Crosstown) – up 23%, Downtown (above the Crosstown) – up 9%, Isle of Palms – up 2.3%, Sullivan’s Island – up 7.4%, Folly Beach – up 19% and Mount Pleasant – up 2.1%.


Homes Sold



Townhomes Sold


Downtown (below the Crosstown)





Downtown (above the Crosstown)





Isle of Palms





Sullivan’s Island





Folly Beach





Mount Pleasant






Sold Downtown (below the Crosstown) August 24,2012 – September 24, 2012. Another 78 are currently under contract.  If you’d like details for other areas or a list of what is currently under contract, just let me know and I’d be happy to pull them for you.

1004597 – Details: 36 REID ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $89,000
1000456 – Details: 12 BEE ST, #C, CHARLESTON, SC – $130,000
1217211 – Details: 40 BEE ST, #210, CHARLESTON, SC – $170,000
1211877 – Details: 27 AIKEN ST, #2, CHARLESTON, SC – $181,000
1211744 – Details: 182 ASHLEY AVE, #A, CHARLESTON, SC – $290,000
1019857 – Details: 150 BEE ST, #315, CHARLESTON, SC – $330,000
1208494 – Details: 517 KING ST, #12, CHARLESTON, SC – $360,000
1205971 – Details: 3 CHISOLM ST, #205, CHARLESTON, SC – $415,000
1217983 – Details: 73 ANSON ST, #X, CHARLESTON, SC – $425,000
1214643 – Details: 56 GADSDEN ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $501,000
1217215 – Details: 12 HARLESTON PL, CHARLESTON, SC – $530,000
1124836 – Details: 103 LOGAN ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $550,000
1210224 – Details: 8 HALSEY ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $595,000
1218301 – Details: 218 CALHOUN ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $626,000
1212805 – Details: 25 CHARLOTTE ST, #C, CHARLESTON, SC – $720,000
1207243 – Details: 106 BEAUFAIN ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $725,000
1205674 – Details: 39 GADSDEN ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $730,000
1022332 – Details: 239 CALHOUN ST, #A&B, CHARLESTON, SC – $810,000
1028904 – Details: 330 CONCORD ST, #18F, CHARLESTON, SC – $900,000
1112621 – Details: 1 KING ST, #407, CHARLESTON, SC – $925,000
1218306 – Details: 91 TRADD ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $975,000
1028591 – Details: 22 CHALMERS ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $975,000
1111545 – Details: 1 LAMBOLL ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,100,000
1122271 – Details: 1 KING ST, #505&6, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,189,000
1204995 – Details: 14 RUTLEDGE AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,475,000
1216284 – Details: 9 GEORGE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,487,000
1211643 – Details: 10 WENTWORTH ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,525,000
1211194 – Details: 32 PRIOLEAU ST, #Q/R, CHARLESTON, SC – $4,950,000

Or Click Here to go view all listings at once.

Until next time!…..Kristin


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