Surprise! New on the B.A.R. Agenda – Another Hotel

Update 9/26 - Well, apparently the BAR was not too impressed. They motioned "Denial of height, scale, mass and architectural direction" - with a 7-0 vote. Yikes! _____________________________________ As I wrote about back in May, sometimes what you see on the Board of Architectural Review (BAR) agenda gives you insight into where Charleston's next boom is. We all know now that hotels are popping up all over the place in the Historic District and on King Street. Heck, they just broke ground on the $80,000,000 project at the base of Spring and Cannon on King Street this week, and the old library to read more...

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  1. Stan Wall says:

    This isn’t really news. The property owners sought and received a variance last year changing max. building height up to 100 ft. And it was no secret the owners were doing this with the intention of putting up a hotel at this site. It does look this will be an Aloft hotel which is cool and the hotel design looks pretty good on the initial design.

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