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All about Downtown Charleston’s Neighborhoods – a map, descriptions and more.

I created this Downtown Charleston neighborhood map years ago at the start of my ongoing project to eventually profile every single neighborhood in Downtown Charleston, including photos, videos, recreation, school, shops, restaurants and services. But since many of you ask … Continue reading

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Want to buy a home for $200,000 less than List Price? Here’s how.

  I hear this all the time. I SAY this all the time. “That house is overpriced by $X! They’re crazy if they think they can get that amount for their house!  Well, I never!” But does it really matter? … Continue reading

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Update #3: The Million Dollar Market in Downtown Charleston is Hot, Hot, Hot

Update 9/1/2011 – I realized I forgot to update these statistics! In 2007 – a total of 21 sold. In 2008 – a total of 9 sold. In 2009 – a total of 6 sold. In 2010 – a total of 29 sold. In 2011 – a total of 13 have sold … Continue reading

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