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An Insider Look at HARLESTON row | From Vision to Completion

If you have been a subscriber to this blog for more than a year, you may recall in August of 2015, I launched a huge new construction project I had been working on since December of 2013 with the incredible … Continue reading

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Tracking 10 Years of the Real Estate Market in Charleston

Every day I am asked the question – do you think we are in a real estate bubble? How much do you think values will rise over the next few years? Will there be a crash?? I wish I could … Continue reading

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We’ve got Behemoths on the B.A.R. Agenda June 3

Update June 5 – The BAR ruled as follows: Jasper – DENIED. Apartment Building – WITHDRAWN. Hotel – APPROVED. _____________________ Three Behemoths to be precise. Three projects so large, so complex and so controversial, they had to have their own … Continue reading

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Charleston’s About to Get Taller and Techier

Tuesday night the Charleston City Council unanimously approved the City of Charleston’s request to change the height zoning on a particular area of Morrison Drive from 55 feet to 85 feet.  Why does this matter?? 1. Because that rarely happens, … Continue reading

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Charleston Shines in 2012 so What’s on Tap for 2013?

As we enter our first full week of 2013, I thought I’d take a look back at Charleston in 2012. Really, it was quite a banner year for us for a myriad of reasons! Our economy boomed, the real estate … Continue reading

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There’s a Whole Lotta Building Going On in Downtown Charleston

Soaring residential real estate market aside, it is commercial and development activity that can give you true insight into a local economy’s present and near future.  And make no mistake – Charleston is on a MAJOR upswing.  Always the ones … Continue reading

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The Horizon Project. From Concrete to Community in the City of Charleston.

Take a look at this area and tell me what you see. Vast swaths of concrete and cars, a few buildings, a few ball fields. A pretty nice park.  It’s an area that is mostly disconnected from other neighborhoods in … Continue reading

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Master Preservationist Program – Day Twelve. What’s in a Name?

Apparently, everything when it comes to the value of an historic neighborhood. For Day 12 of our Master Preservationist Program, we met at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, located at 28 Race St and a fine example … Continue reading

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