Thanks to my Colleague – a Professional (and personal) Inspiration

Every industry has its slackers, its liars, its greedy people, its non-committals.  People whose actions and words do harm to everyone around them.  I should know.  No matter where I have worked, in three different industries, those kinds of people are there.  But in my latest profession of real estate, I have had a difficult time processing the negative perception of real estate agents that is perpetuated by the less-than-stellar few.  (I think this profession is ranked just above lawyers??)  I love this job and I can’t stand to see it ruined as I try to rise above the muck.

But every once in a while, someone comes along who rejuvenates your faith in what’s possible, in what you’ve chosen as your life path.  Someone who illuminates the generosity, intelligence and integrity of human nature.

That person for me this week is Eric Peth.  He is a colleague of mine (lucky me!) and he has shown me something different in real estate.  I already knew him to be brilliant, passionate and hard-working – someone who serves as a professional inspiration to me.  This act was just the icing on the top.  It doesn’t matter WHAT he did – it matters THAT he did it, and that he did it with consideration, selflessness and a pure spirit.  He kind of blew me away.

So I want to give a public shout out to Eric and let everyone know that if you are buying or selling a home on James Island or in West Ashley, I’d ask you to seriously consider him.  Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about real estate and a consummate professional, but he is also just a really good person.

I’ll personally guarantee him.

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One Response to Thanks to my Colleague – a Professional (and personal) Inspiration

  1. Traci Magnus says:

    I agree 100%. Eric is awesome.

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