The Charleston City Market gets a new look in 2010

Those of us who live here look at the City Market with a smidge of disdain and wishful thinking.  15 years ago, it was the only place to go for nightlife so we all did.  Today – it has become much more of a tourist hub than anything with stores selling Charleston T-shirts, seashells, and open air stalls hocking fake Kate Spade purses.  Now yes, there are some great artisans, some wonderful restaurants and a multitude of things to see – but really, it could be much, much more.  We envision a market like they have in Seattle or San Francisco, with fresh local foods for sale, flowers galore, and high-quality wares.  Isn’t that the level of quality that Charlestonians deserve?

Fortunately, our wishes seem to be coming true, slowly but surely.  The Market will undergo renovation beginning January 2010 and then there’s no stopping them!  I can’t wait to see what emerges….

Check out the full article over at the Charleston Regional Business Journal…

And here’s another link to an article (with sketches!) at the City Paper

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