The March of the Big Brown Brick

In reviewing the Board of Architectural Review (BAR) agenda on Wednesday, I noticed the proliferation of the Big Brown Brick in almost every proposal. In a City that is known for its colorful buildings and creative and varied architecture, it baffles my mind that somehow the Big Brown Brick is enjoying its own renaissance.  Keep in mind, all of these buildings are designed by very talented architects, but it seems they must be collaborating to create dark and demonic corridors of Big Brown Bricks, no matter where we go. Let's take a look at the new Hyatt Hotel for preliminary contrast. While to read more...

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6 Responses to The March of the Big Brown Brick

  1. Tom Grubisich says:

    Very observant critique of new commercial architecture in the city. The “Big Brown Brick” trend is puzzling because it flies in the face of consultant Andres Duany’s forthright recommendations to Mayor Riley’s planning team. Duany’s own designs pick up and project Florida’s sunshine. The sun also shines in Charleston (except when it rains).

  2. Gene Crim says:

    Maybe it is the potential Hurricanes that influence the building strategy?

  3. Kate Cone says:

    This is happening at an alarming rate in our city of Portland, Maine. It’s so depressing! Adding insult to injury is that our “bricks” are multi-colored, as in part brick part green, gray or brown.

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