Wagener Terrace Market Update – The 200K-300K Price Range is HOT

You know my mantra.  Do not look at general statistics for an area to determine whether or not a market is hot.  You have to look at the neighborhood and your specific price range.  Before we discuss Wagener Terrace, remember here are some other areas that I have said are hot.

  • Longborough under $500,000. (Only one available)
  • Midtown (none available)
  • Hampton Park Terrace (There are 5 available but they have been on the market for an average of 411 days.  The 6 that have sold already this year were on the market for an average of only 78 days.  Those 5 seem to be unloved.)

 And on to Wagener Terrace…

Right now, there are only 23 homes for sale in Wagener Terrace.  11 of those homes are priced below $200,000 and we know that those are major fixer-uppers.   So let’s look at the remaining 12.

1121072 – Details: 858 RUTLEDGE AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $500,000 – a renovated Craftsman home with an amazing kitchen.

1116555 – Details: 134 DARLINGTON AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $485,000 – Beautiful almost new home with a pool and garage equipped with a garage door opener, but it is overpriced for the location.  Most people would rather buy a house in Longborough for that price.

1011774 – Details: 120 SANS SOUCI ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $399,000 – One of my favorites because it is so unique.  It needs some work – new roof, crawl space enhancements etc…, but the yard with a pool and artist’s studio are 100% MAGIC.

Artist's studio and pool at 120 Sans Souci

1024206 – Details: 835 RUTLEDGE AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $391,000 – Brick with lots of original 1935 details.

1113815 – Details: 771 RUTLEDGE AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $385,000 – Two story homes with great outdoor space and a two-car garage (rare for this area).

1107042 – Details: 906 ASHLEY AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $375,000 – The house is eh, they are asking this price because there are two lots included.

1112938 – Details: 142 DARLINGTON AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $372,500 – Renovated, BIG house for the neighborhood, 2358 sq ft and 5 bedrooms.  Another great backyard with a fire pit, deck and pergola.

1102160 – Details: 178 SANS SOUCI ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $350,000 – Very cute house but the exterior vinyl has got to go.

1120615 – Details: 201 SAINT MARGARET ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $329,500 – One of the best locations of the bunch, close to the Ashley River and Hampton Park. An estate sale with one owner since 1947 so it probably needs a little updating.

1104223 – Details: 3 ALBERTA AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $319,000 – New construction

1116961 – Details: 188 DUNNEMANN AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $299,000 – Fixer-upper.  This house needs about $200,000 in work.  I consider it overpriced by at least $100,000

1115380 – Details: 337 GROVE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $260,000 – My favorite fixer-upper of the bunch.  For about $60,000 you could have a great updated house with a huge yard in a wonderful location.  It is even liveable as is.

BIG GAPING HOLE – there is nothing on the market in the $186,000-$259,000 price range and as a matter of fact, there is nothing renovated under $319,000.

  • In 2009 – 7 homes sold in this price range, on the market for an average of 81 days.
  • In 2010 – 10 homes sold in this price range and they were on the market for an average of 106 days.
  • In 2011 thus far – 6 homes have sold in this price range and they were on the market for an average of 20 days.  Wow.

So why is this important?

If you are a seller and your mostly renovated house falls in the $200,000-$300,000 price range, now is the perfect time to put it up for sale. If you are a buyer and that is what you want to spend for a nice house in Wagener Terrace, you better be ready to jump on it when one comes up.  Trust me when I tell you, there will be significant competition.

Sunset over the Ashley River at the Wagener Terrace Oyster Roast

Here are the fixer uppers if anyone is interested!


1118261 – Details: 156 DARLINGTON AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $185,000
2817037 – Details: 1 KYLE PL, CHARLESTON, SC – $183,900
1013256 – Details: 160 DARLINGTON AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $179,900
1108310 – Details: 1 DARLINGTON AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $159,900
2913621 – Details: 989 ASHLEY AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $150,000
1109411 – Details: 180 DUNNEMANN AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $150,000
1113200 – Details: 203 ST MARGARET ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $150,000
1120907 – Details: 19 N ENSTON AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $150,000
1104652 – Details: 119 SIMONS ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $142,500
1111599 – Details: 125 SIMONS ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $135,000
1109487 – Details: 8 MIDDLETON PL, CHARLESTON, SC – $99,900

Or Click Here to go view all listings at once.

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