We’ve got Behemoths on the B.A.R. Agenda June 3

Update June 5 - The BAR ruled as follows: Jasper - DENIED. Apartment Building - WITHDRAWN. Hotel - APPROVED. _____________________ Three Behemoths to be precise. Three projects so large, so complex and so controversial, they had to have their own separate meeting happening June 3 at 4:30PM in the Charleston Museum Auditorium (because many many many people will be attending). I say they are behemoths because in Charleston, don't forget, we like our buildings short and small for the most part. Our church spires should rise above all, our water vistas should be maintained, and our architecture ...click to read more...

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  1. Tom Grubisich says:


    Thanks very much for this heads-up on the possible “behemoths” coming to town. I don’t have any animus against high density, but I wonder if the proposed developments are too “busy” in their architecture. Andrew Duany says high density can work on the Peninsula, but he cautions about architects getting carried away with elaborate cornices and other such touches that are misguided attempts at being be respectful of Charleston’s historic look. Duany urged Charlestonians to examine the high rises they have, like the Mills Hotel, Peoples Building and the Fort Sumter House — see http://www.jou.ufl.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/UFCJC_CaptivateUs_5-5-15.pdf — and notice how they are distinguished without having a lot of geegaws. One of my favorite examples of great urban architecture is the Seagram Building on Park Avenue in Manhattan. It has majesty, and it’s achieved without any look-at-me adornment. As its architect, Mies van der Rohe famously said, “Less is more.”

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