For Developers

If you are developer looking for a dedicated, experienced agent and team to sell your project, consider me and my company, dunes properties. Not only do I have personal experience managing multi-unit luxury projects from inception to closing, but also dunes properties has a 30+ year history of luxury new development sales along the Charleston Coast.

Kristin is an extraordinary talent and has been involved in the planning and decor since inception. Her contributions to our corporate efforts for the development company Bennett Gadsden Associates, LLC have indeed made the project better, and she seamlessly integrates solutions with our architectural team…

I’ve developed a comprehensive, scalable approach to successful new development sales in every phase of the project – from inception to completion.


Programming Phase

1. Pre-Sales Planning – work with the production and development team to coordinate neighborhood and city meetings, refine floorplans, and develop a go-to-market pricing strategy.

2. Interior Finishes Selections – work with architect and designers to establish interior level finishes that are project appropriate, in-budget and desired by buyers in our target market. Finishes package options and/or allowances are created in this stage.

3. Brand Creation – develop a project-specific brand including a name, logo, colors and fonts.

4. Renderings – work with designers to create 3D exterior and interior renderings, which are essential to buyer visualization and pre-selling a project at top price.

5. Website Design – develop a project specific website to not only showcase the project but also to communicate essential aspects to potential buyers and agents.

Take a look at, and for an example of branding and site design I created for three different residential projects.


Sales Phase

1. Pre-sales Marketing/PR and Advertising – create a buzz for the project through social media, networking, presentations and more. Secure local media coverage and ad placement in select print publications.

2. Showings and Sales – escort all potential buyers and agents through the project, every single time. Communicate expectations and timelines on contract and construction. Coordinate selections process.

3. Site Visits and Team Meetings – visit construction site 1-5 times per week. Participate in team meetings to promote understanding and accurate progress updates.

4. Buyer and Agent Communications – communicate project progress with buyers and agents with newsletter updates and individual contact.

5. Closings and Fulfillment – ensure tight coordination among all attorneys, lenders, agents, buyers, and construction teams, for on-time, no-drama closings.


Follow-up Phase

1. Post-Closing Care – manage ongoing Buyer needs for a period of time post-closing with delegation of tasks to appropriate resources.

2. Media Production – produce finished product professional photography and video, for team distribution and future promotions. This is essential for showcasing the project for your portfolio.  


Media Examples

A project launch video I produced for an eight-unit luxury condominium building in Downtown Charleston


Harleston Gates – Historic Charleston’s new distinctive address from Kristin Walker on Vimeo.

A professional drone video I produced for a six-unit luxury project in Downtown Charleston.


Harleston Row – A Modern Approach to Living in History from Kristin Walker on Vimeo.