With more than 15 years of real estate experience and 100+ homes successfully listed and sold, I’ve worked with properties of all kinds. From small condominiums, to historic homes, to new construction and multi-million dollar island homes, each one requires a specialized approach.  And there are five things that you should expect from your Realtor that I commit to deliver.

Attention.   Mastery.   Integrity.   Knowledge.  Communication.

I am not just here to sell your house, I am your consultant and partner. 

Areas of Specialization

  • Historic Homes on the Charleston Peninsula
  • Isle of Palms Homes
  • New Construction

  • Downtown Charleston Condominiums
  • Walkable Neighborhoods in Mount Pleasant
  • James Island Waterfront

If you are looking to sell a property in Charleston, call or email me to see if we are the right fit. If I don’t specialize in your target geographical area, I’ll bring in one of my team members who does, and who has the same commitments to their clients that I do. See where I’ve sold properties via my Zillow Profile.

Successfully selling a house is about more than just ‘listing it’ or putting a sign in the yard. And there are more than 5,000 licensed real estate agents in Charleston (though less than half work full time), so how do you choose? 

Pride in Presentation

No matter the price on your home, I take pride in presentation. There will be unique approaches depending on the property, but there will always be professional photos and obsession with perfection in the listing timing and launch. Staging, pre-inspections, videos, custom websites, open houses, floor plans and beautiful brochures are all part of my bag of tools. Not only does how I present your property increase the chance of a successful sale, but also it reflects on me and my company, and I take it very seriously.

Take a look at a few videos I produced to sell a homesite in Point Verona on James Island, an new construction home in Historic Charleston, and a waterfront home on James Island.

Timing and Pricing

Market timing should never be overlooked. While the best time is what is right for you, if you have wiggle room, we’ll position your house when you have the least amount of competition and the most amount of buyers. Same goes for pricing. It’s not just about what has sold in the past, but about what’s on the market today, what’s under contract, and buyer demand for your specific type and quality of home.


Not only is it important to market your home after it’s on the market, but effective pre-marketing generates interest and lets insiders know what’s about to come – whether they are potential buyers or other agents who may have clients. Everyone likes to think they are in on the secret.

Effective Multiple Offer Handling

In hot markets, often the price, timing and pre-marketing strategy I implement can generate multiple offers. I’ve had up to 19 at once! Handling these effectively and with integrity is of utmost importance to not only achieve the best price, but also the finest offer that will go to closing.

Contract Negotiations

We all know negotiation is an art. It’s about when to give in, when to push hard, and when to hold back. The goal of every real estate transaction should be to build a healthy relationship where everyone feels like they have won. And we must respect the integrity of the contract at all times.

On Working with Me…

Kristin was the perfect realtor for us– house selling rookies who had to do most of the selling remotely! She really stood out in three areas that were important: 1. Honesty and Integrity: She understands that no matter how impressive your property is, it’s not sold until due diligence is through. So she encouraged us to be 100% honest and complete in our listing and disclosures so the buyer might not drop off later 2. Thoroughness: She helped answer questions on all aspects of the sale–showing,pictures,insurance, financials, handling buyer issues 3. Communication/Responsiveness- As millenials, we love being able to use text and e-mail– and she was always quick and thorough in replies, as well as using online tools to handle the legal aspects.  I 100% would vouch for Kristin to sell your home!
Kristin worked with me on and off over several years as I considered and finally successfully sold my home in Charleston. She was always patient with my process and unfailingly professional, quick and responsive. Her negotiation skills and knowledge of the market are fantastic. I can’t recommend her enough, plus she’s so much fun!