testimonials for kristin walker realtor charleston sc


Here are just a few reviews from some great clients of mine – they offered them up and I said yes! You can also go to my Zillow profile to see them there.

On Buying a Property

We knew that Kristin would be good before we even met her – her blog and her listings at made it clear that she truly knew the Downtown area of Charleston inside and out. What we didn’t know was how effectively she would lead us through the home buying experience, or how far she’d be willing to go to make it easy on us. From start to now (I can’t say finish – even though we’ve closed on our house she’s still reaching out to us!) she’s handled every detail with confidence and capability. Kristin coached us through negotiations, walked us through every aspect of the regime set-up, advised us on all line items in the inspection, pushed on our behalf when our lender wasn’t responsive, provided every bit of information we could need as far as utilities, cable, city services, parking permits, etc. All of that was great, but what I really appreciated was how knowledgeable and enthusiastic she was about our neighborhood. Restaurants, shops, neighborhood pages to join on Facebook, new developments in our area, future developments we can expect – she knows all of it! I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s just been fantastic!
From my first rental on arriving in Charleston, to my first home, to my dream home, Kristin has always been there with both head and heart, friendship and advice, and a glass of wine. She is a realtor’s realtor … unbelievably knowledgeable and passionate about historic homes and the Charleston area, and also a savvy, fierce negotiator that helped navigate 3 great opportunities for me over the past 7 years. You literally won’t find a better realtor in Charleston. Period.

On Selling a Property

Kristin was the perfect realtor for us– house selling rookies who had to do most of the selling remotely! She really stood out in three areas that were important: 1. Honesty and Integrity: She understands that no matter how impressive your property is, it’s not sold until due diligence is through. So she encouraged us to be 100% honest and complete in our listing and disclosures so the buyer might not drop off later 2. Thoroughness: She helped answer questions on all aspects of the sale–showing,pictures,insurance, financials, handling buyer issues 3. Communication/Responsiveness- As millenials, we love being able to use text and e-mail– and she was always quick and thorough in replies, as well as using online tools to handle the legal aspects.  I 100% would vouch for Kristin to sell your home!
Kristin worked with me on and off over several years as I considered and finally successfully sold my home in Charleston. She was always patient with my process and unfailingly professional, quick and responsive. Her negotiation skills and knowledge of the market are fantastic. I can’t recommend her enough, plus she’s so much fun!

On New Development Sales

Kristin is an extraordinary talent and has been involved in the planning and decor since inception. Her contributions to our corporate efforts for the development company Bennett Gadsden Associates, LLC have indeed made the project better, and she seamlessly integrates solutions with our architectural team headed by julia martin. The six extraordinary row homes in Harleston Village represent cutting edge urban infill below Calhoun Street in historic Charleston peninsula.