The Charleston Slant – or Why We Sometimes Walk Uphill in Our Houses

I frequently work with clients who are not from Charleston, who have never set foot inside an historic Charleston home until they have done so with me.  One of the first things they notice once inside, besides the gorgeous fireplaces or detailed molding, is that occasionally, and sometimes dramatically, the floors slant. Slanting floors?? Ack! Alarm sets in. "Could the house be falling down?" they wonder with a furrowed brow. I soothe their fears.  While 'falling down' could be a possibility (and a slant should always be investigated to the fullest extent of an inspector's capabilities), to read more...

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One Response to The Charleston Slant – or Why We Sometimes Walk Uphill in Our Houses

  1. charleslpearson says:

    Great article. I noticed that the floors were slanted in blue single house, esp. the second floor piazza (very scary and so slanted I thought it was going to fall down)  in backyard of Notso Hostel on Spring Street…but it was still charmingly Charleston.
    While staying there I tried not to drink too much to keep my balance.

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