Why the Wall Street Journal and Zillow are Dead Wrong about Charleston

An article in the Wall Street Journal came out recently entitled Linkage in Income, Home Prices Shift, outlining the correlation between home prices and annual incomes in partnership with Zillow.  They determined which real estate markets were currently undervalued and which were overvalued based on comparing current price-to-income ratios to the average of the time period of 1985-2000. Deep inside that article was this terrifying quote. "Some of the most overvalued housing markets, according to the Zillow analysis, include Virginia Beach, Va.; Honolulu; and Charleston, S.C." If ...click to read more...
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5 Responses to Why the Wall Street Journal and Zillow are Dead Wrong about Charleston

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  2. Jason Ogden says:

    great post! trying to explain our market with such wide sweeping generalization misses the point. leave local market valuation to the locals. thanks for bringing this to light!

  3. Fran says:

    Great blog! I was just searching for info to show Wagener Terrace as the best neighbohood downtown. Also the most desirable, new school and new playground! I love all the numbers. Thanks!

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