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Dewees Island

The Dewees Island motto is Wild. Forever. And it couldn’t be more fitting. Accessible by a 15 minute ferry from the Isle of Palms marina, only golf carts are allowed there. Homes are tucked into the trees amid the abundant wildlife and many days you’ll find yourself alone on the vast white sand beaches. One of my colleagues, Judy Fairchild, lives there year round, and she can introduce you to this extraordinary place. Check out Dewees Island Real Estate for more information. 

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Dewees Island is private and you can only go if you are an owner, renting a home or visiting someone.


Alligators, Birds, Dolphins, Turtles and all kinds of fish find sanctuary here. Check at the Landings Building for Nature Activities.


The ferry leaves the Isle of Palms Marina on the hour and Dewees Island on the half-hour, 7 days a week.

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