James Island

One of Charleston’s Sea Islands and considered a ‘suburb’, James Island is just across the bridges west of Downtown Charleston and is full of meandering creeks and waterfront properties. Considered more laid back than its sister suburb to the east, Mount Pleasant, James Island has about 40,000 residents overall, and there are still parts of it that feel untouched – roadways lined with ancient oaks are mesmerizing and the surprise vistas abound. Waterfront homes here start at around $1,250,000 and will go up to a bit over $5,000,000, but a typical James Island home will only set you back around $650,000.  Some of the more popular neighborhoods here are historic Riverland Terrace, Country Club of Charleston, Stiles Point Plantation, and Seaside Plantation.

Find My Favorite Local Businesses on James Island


Considered one of the best restaurants on James Island, you might miss Edison’s if you blink. Tucked in a mostly residential area and nestled under the oaks, it has fine creative cuisine, an amazing staff, and a great wine list, 

Baguette Magic

The BEST croissants and baked goods in the metro area! Baked fresh daily, you can’t go wrong picking a few up on your way to anywhere. Also serving hot breakfast and healthy lunches, with an array of market goods to take home, it’s fantastic.

The Terrace Theater

Beloved by patrons near and far, the Terrace Theater is the only one in the metro area to offer both first run films and those considered more ‘art house’. AND you can grab a beer or glass of wine at the concession stand to take in with you.


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