Only the Pelicans are Enjoying Colonial Lake – A Renovation Update

It has been just over a year since the $5,000,000 renovation of Colonial Lake began, though it seems like eons. I miss the Lake, the people strolling around, the dogs, the sunsets. That's all been temporarily replaced by mudpits and mudpiles, fences, pounding, beeping, growling engines, and a constant film of dirt on my car.  However, lest you think I am complaining, I'll say that the renovation is coming along swimmingly, and I am excited for the big reveal! Right now, only the pelicans are enjoying our favorite Harleston Village park because over the past several days, they have drained the to read more...
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Sunset Chasing in Charleston

In honor of our days getting longer and the sun setting at 5:30PM tonight, I thought I’d give you a little Charleston sunset eye candy, right at 5:30PM. :)  While I have my favorite spot Downtown I call the sunset bench, this compilation includes photos from all over – Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, and more. Yes, I am a sunset chaser, are you??

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The Journal Says Charleston is Luring the Young and the Restless

When I popped open my favorite section of the Wall Street Journal this morning - The Mansion section (of course!), this headline caught my eye - "Charleston Lures the Young and the Restless." My first thought was that the story was going to be about Millennials moving here, but I was dead wrong. It's all about the GenXers and young Boomers coming to Charleston - not to retire, but to live - vivaciously and delightedly. After all, isn't 40 the new 20?  Yes, this article speaks the truth. I encounter scads of people in their 40s and 50s, tired of the noise and the rat race of larger to read more...
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Incredible Income Producing and Short-Term Rental Opportunity in Downtown Charleston

I can't tell you how many calls I receive asking the question, "Where can I buy a place where I can do short-term rentals" or "What can I buy that has the potential to cash flow?"  And always, for the most part, I have to disappoint. Positive cash flow is tough because of high insurance and taxes on historic buildings compared to purchase value. Short Term Rental is even tougher, because, the reality is, only ONE neighborhood in town (outside of the Accommodations district) currently allows them, and then only specifically zoned properties within that neighborhood. So here's an opportunity that to read more...
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The March of the Big Brown Brick

In reviewing the Board of Architectural Review (BAR) agenda on Wednesday, I noticed the proliferation of the Big Brown Brick in almost every proposal. In a City that is known for its colorful buildings and creative and varied architecture, it baffles my mind that somehow the Big Brown Brick is enjoying its own renaissance.  Keep in mind, all of these buildings are designed by very talented architects, but it seems they must be collaborating to create dark and demonic corridors of Big Brown Bricks, no matter where we go. Let's take a look at the new Hyatt Hotel for preliminary contrast. While to read more...
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No Joke. Charleston Sea Level Up Almost 2 ft in 100 years

Today was one of the highest tides we've seen in six years topping out at just over 8 feet (our normal high is just under 6 feet). Roads all over the metro area were submerged and shut down, making traveling for two hours on either side of the high tide like playing a game of Frogger. Yeah - you can get to the other side, but you better watch out! A confluence of the harvest moon, winds off the coast, and normal Fall higher-than-normal tide created what we call a King Tide. While you usually see typical Charleston nuisance flooding at high tides coinciding with heavy rains, today (and yesterday to read more...
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New on the Market: HARLESTON row – 6 new rowhomes in Harleston Village

You may recall way back in December 2013, I wrote a post entitled "Turning Blight to Beauty", and at the bottom of the post, I gave you a little teaser of a project I was working on with Julia F. Martin the Architect, and Jeffrey Roberts of Ecovest and JJR Development. It was a mere blighted parking lot then. And now, it is becoming something beautiful!  I am excited to announce that after many years of the team working hard to create it, HARLESTON row, is officially launched and underway. Dear readers, meet the 6 contemporary rowhomes at HARLESTON row. Each is priced at $789,000 for to read more...
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Watch! Extraordinary Aerial Video of Morris Island Lighthouse

This came across my Facebook feed today, and I can't help but share it with you - a beautiful aerial video of the Morris Island Lighthouse just off Folly Beach. Many of you know this isn't just an ordinary lighthouse. Rather it is one that stands by itself out in the middle of the ocean, crumbling but not forgotten, with a century and half of stories to tell. Thank you Dan Crawford of Crawford Productions, Inc, for shooting this sunrise moment.   Morris Island Lighthouse Folly Beach, SC from Daniel Crawford on Vimeo.   How did it get this way you ask? With the construction of to read more...
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