Charleston’s Food Insanity (And Mine)

When I wrote my post Why it's hard not to plump up in Charleston back in January of this year, little did I know what was yet to come. Really, there was no way to prepare for the onslaught. Every single day it seems that more and more calorific indulgent deliciousnesses are popping up with such a frenzy that it's impossible to keep up and not want to run wild-eyed to each place to try every delectable morsel!! Better yet, much of this food is now in motion, as Food Trucks and Carts are wheeling themselves all over the place with their scents and sounds and scenes drawing us out of our office to read more...

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3 Responses to Charleston’s Food Insanity (And Mine)

  1. Charles L Pearson says:

    Cool! All these food trucks in Charleston. I wonder why I didn’t see any last March?

    • Charles I am not 100% sure but I think the proliferation of food trucks had something to do with a City ordinance that was changed or reinterpreted. If anyone knows for sure, please shout it out!

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