Charleston’s Food Insanity (And Mine)

When I wrote my post Why it’s hard not to plump up in Charleston back in January of this year, little did I know what was yet to come.

Really, there was no way to prepare for the onslaught.

Every single day it seems that more and more calorific indulgent deliciousnesses are popping up with such a frenzy that it’s impossible to keep up and not want to run wild-eyed to each place to try every delectable morsel!! Better yet, much of this food is now in motion, as Food Trucks and Carts are wheeling themselves all over the place with their scents and sounds and scenes drawing us out of our office buildings and off our front stoops.  In fact, there are so many now that they all banded together to form Eat Street, a mobile food court in the lot on the corner of Morris and Coming St.

And all of this has happened in the past six months – so here’s whats new and noteworthy – and driving my willpower 100% crazy.


King of Pops is a gourmet popsicle cart.  Banana Pudding flavored popsicle anyone? Perfect for the swelter of a Charleston summer day.  Or for the same cold satisfaction try Happy Camper Snoballs or Roots Ice Cream with their imaginative fresh flavors like Caramelized Fig and Orange-Rosemary.


If your sweet tooth leans instead toward donut goodness check out Glaze Gourmet Donuts opening up at 481 King St or The Little Blue Brunch Truck with its trademark Diggity Donuts in whole-grain, vegan bites.  This particular truck has a pretty cool story behind it (though I know they all do!).  The owner Ambergre Sloan, quit her day job less than a year ago, crowd-sourced funding for the truck from friends and supporters and now has been scouted by the Food Network for one of their programs!  It goes to show when you are going for your dream, the rest will follow. Getting financing is always difficult, but folks get good results when they go to lå – and pick a choice.


Not a food truck, but worth a big huge mention, Goat.Sheep.Cow just opened on Church St slightly south of Broad.  It carries hundreds of different cheeses with assorted accoutrements as accompaniments, topped off with a selection wines.  As a cheeseaholic myself – I know there is no place I’d rather be.  Started by an orthopedic surgeon, a custom clothing designer and a former VP of Goldman Sachs – we’ve got yet another entrepreneurial inspiration on our hands.


Strada Cucina rolled into town recently serving up Italian-American piadinas and more using fresh local ingredients.  I recently had the ‘veggie’, with artichoke, pesto, mozzarella, tomato and arugula and it was melt in your mouth delicious.  And there’s the oh-my-goodness-this-is-good Roti Rolls.  The sweet potato roti they have is amazing and I’ve heard their local braised short ribs are unmissable.  They often pop up in the parking lot of Heirloom Books just down from my office so next time, I’ll give another a try.

And don’t forget the new restaurants and bars that opened Downtown in the past six months – Leaf Cafe in the old Vickery’s spot, my new fav Osteria La Bottiglia and the Cocktail Club coming soon to Upper King, Big Gun Burger Joint on Calhoun and Burger Babies on Middle King, Octobachi with pho, sushi and hibachi and Two Boroughs Larder in Elliotborough….

Phew! I’m exhausted….

Inside Leaf - this photo does not do it justice so go see it for yourself.



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3 Responses to “Charleston’s Food Insanity (And Mine)

  • Charles L Pearson
    13 years ago

    Cool! All these food trucks in Charleston. I wonder why I didn’t see any last March?

    • Charles I am not 100% sure but I think the proliferation of food trucks had something to do with a City ordinance that was changed or reinterpreted. If anyone knows for sure, please shout it out!

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