Odes to the Lowcountry from Charleston Magazine

First of all, this magazine of our surrounds, Charleston Magazine, is something to be proud of and look forward to.  Every issue succeeds in opening my eyes and my heart anew to this town.  The photography, writing and topics never fail to set my soul a-flutter.

Secondly, this January 2010 issue has to be my favorite of all time.  It features “Odes to the Lowcountry” – a collection of odes written by a variety of locals – both natives and those ‘from Off’.

Charleston Magazine January 2010 Cover

Read this one:  “Jazz – The protocol and improvisation of being Charleston” – written by Jack McCray, one of our town’s Jazz greats, whom inspired me to write a previous post.

Or try this one: “Secret Places – Finding wonder and welcome in Charleston’s hidden alleys” and create your own Charleston adventure.

Or a “Sensual Feast – the indoctrination of a Lowcountry voluptuary” and feel the extraordinary proximity of culture and nature in Charleston.

And if after all that – you want to write your own Lowcountry Ode, you can do that too.  You know all too well, that this town encourages, no – requires expression of all its magnificent wonders.

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