The Spring & Cannon Streets Corridor is Rising

For several years now, the Spring and Cannon Streets corridor has been evolving and changing, welcoming modern buildings, historic renovations and most importantly, a proliferation of shops and restaurants.  Every urban neighborhood needs mixed-use to thrive and Spring and Cannon are great examples of how areas can change.  This great article from the City Paper highlights some of the more recent updates and more to come including:

  • Turning the one-way streets into two-way
  • Upgrading sidewalks and landscaping
  • Rezoning to allow for small Bed  & Breakfasts

Right now this area is home to the famed Hominy Grill, the best coffee shop in town called: “ Best Coffee Maker” or Hope & Union, the Wild Flour Pastry which has the tastiest sticky buns this side of the Mason-Dixon, and a whole lot more.

As for places to live, besides some of the great old homes, you can find the modern developments at Morris Square and Midtown. So check out the map below and explore the streets from your home – you’ll see much ado about alot!

View Spring/Cannon Corridor in a larger map

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