Stuck in Traffic? Not Me. Downtown Charleston Living is Easy…

After enduring the Thanksgiving traffic to and from Atlanta (I-26 drivers are crazy!) I realize that I forgot to give Thanks for one other thing in my last blog post.

That I don’t have to commute.

Now it wasn’t always thus, and so I do know the nightmares of the every day back and forth, but just now, I feel a pang of ugh-ness for those who do.  I consider myself lucky to both live AND work in Downtown Charleston.  I get to commute by foot, or by bike, or by pedicab if that’s what I fancy.  Such is the lovely life of living in such a close knit town full of almost everything I need.   You get to live 40 minutes or more of the day – not in a car, not taking your life into your hands with every swerve – but rather working if need be, conversing with a loved one if you are so inclined, or just enjoying the breeze and a glass of wine on a Charleston piazza at sunset.  Yes, I do sacrifice space, and sure, there are times when I wish I had a garage or another room, but most of the time I think I cherish my freedom more than square footage.***  That’s just me.

So in my day to day checks on Twitter – I see these posts and shudder, and then thank the stars above that I’m not out there.  Thanks is not just for Thanksgiving, eh?

***Except when I really want to stop looking at my husband’s ancient sweater in the closet or the Christmas tree has gotten lost behind rakes and suitcases.  Otherwise I am good.


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