My Wish for You in 2015

Way down at the raw and beautiful western end of Folly Beach, stands a lone tree, a ‘boneyard’ tree that’s been battered by the winds and tides of time. I find it extraordinarily beautiful – in the way its arms touch the earth and reach for the sky in total connection with its place in the world. In that it stands alone and constant, yet changes with the light and nature’s whim. For some reason it has always been a source of inspiration for me and a touchstone for my life and though I haven’t been to see it since 2012, I was recently reminded of it via the work of two of my colleagues. And I was re-inspired.


So in awe of and in inspiration from this boneyard tree, I wanted to wish each of you the following for the year of 2015.

The connection with your loved ones, with your spirit, and with your chosen place.

The strength to stand up, stand still, or make that change that has been tapping at your door.

The ability to dance with life, to make it your partner and your source of satisfaction and glee no matter what music it brings to you.

May 2015 bring you all that and more!!!  Kristin

Photo Credit goes to my colleague Donnie Whitaker, and Video Credit goes to my colleague, Dustin Ryan. I’ve got some talented people working with me. 🙂

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