Let’s Start at the Very Beginning (it’s a very good place to start)

7 states, 3 countries and 12 moves since high school alone.   Always looking for the next perfect place and never quite satisfied.   I’ve tried it all – from small town solace to big city glamour and everything in between, and while I loved each and every one, nothing felt like Home.   So in 2005, after spending half a dazzling decade in New York City, I was ready to move on, intent on rediscovering the good life – a life that moved at a slower pace and a life that was about more than just work and money.   In contemplating my next Big Move, my mind kept coming back to Charleston, SC where I had spent my last two years of college falling in mad sweet love with a city.  Why not?, I thought.  I can always move again.  And so I did it.  I packed up my house, my cat, my life and drove South.

It was one year later and a sultry southern evening, that I remember driving down Broad Street with the man who is now my husband.  We passed the Four Corners of Law with their white facades gleaming against the sky as the palmetto trees rustled in the ocean breeze, and the crescent moon rose over top of it all.  At that moment, I turned my face to the sky and I knew…deep in my bones…that I had found what I was looking for.

So, full disclosure here.  I am in real estate.  I help people find a great place to live because I am good at it and because I know what it is to rip up your old life and start anew.   I chose this pursuit because I spent 11 years cooped up in grey-sided cubicles or windowless offices bearing indiscriminate titles of the utmost importance like Regional Strategic Services Sales and Marketing Manager.  My daily environs didn’t bother me so much in New York or Atlanta, but once I moved here, Charleston got under my skin. Each sunny day (of which there are many) I felt this yearning, this straining to bust out of my four walls and drink in the romantic fantasy that is Charleston incarnate.  The glorious architecture, the breathtaking views, the sand and surf and green marsh grasses as far as the eye can see.  I wanted to be part of the jovial life every day – not stuck behind a computer pretending to be working on a Very-Important-PowerPoint, as my mind wandered to more appealing vistas.  And so here I am, helping people create a new life, irrepressibly delighted to be engaged and alive and soaking it all up in this town I now call home – Charleston, SC. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and it is my every intent to spread the love.

So whether you live here now and are Charleston ga-ga just like me, or if our Lady Love is just a glint in your eye – this blog’s for you.  Join me on this adventure, this discovery, this sublime saunter deep into the heart of all things Charleston.

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