Jazz is reviving in Charleston

For years I have complained that there just wasn’t a good jazz club in Charleston. How could a lively city such as this be bereft? Well, times-they-are-a-changin’ and the Charleston Jazz scene is picking up its tempo.

A little more than one year ago, Charleston jazz musicians got together to form Jazz Artists of Charleston, a group with a vision of cultivating an inspiring environment for jazz artists, and developing the vibrant jazz culture in this town. Since then the occasion to listen to some awe-inspiring music has become more and more frequent and jazz appears to be making its comeback. It’s appropriate that it should, because to me Jazz Music and Charleston express the same spirit of innovation, of creativity and a deep and broad vitality for life. Charleston and Jazz go hand in hand.

So here is a list of recent happenings around town – all of which are moving that jazz culture right on up into the spotlight.

The opening of Alluette’s Jazz Cafe

Latin Jazz Night at the Charleston Music Hall

Moja Arts Festival Jazz under the Stars at the Cistern

Eye Level Art hosts Michael Bellar and the AS-IS ensemble.

Places to be seduced by Jazz on a regular basis include Mistral, Mercato, and Charleston Grill. Go check out my favorite multi-talented bass player, Kevin Hamilton.

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