Small is the New BIG – Popularity of Diminutive Spaces is on the Rise

Small spaces – BIG lifestyle is the new choice for many…

I caught this article on MSNBC today about the rise in popularity of smaller spaces, not only for Baby Boomers but also for Generation Y.  Lifestyle and proximity to culture, restaurants, shopping, services are seemingly more important than having room for your Costco purchases.  Here’s an excerpt:

“John McIlwain, a senior fellow for housing at The Urban Land Institute in Washington, says many new in-city condo and apartment buildings are offering smaller footprints to satisfy not only downsizing Baby Boomers but, especially, members of Generation Y who are moving out of dorms and parents’ places and setting up their own households. Generation Y, he says, views a home’s location as more important than its size. They may also see living small and in-city as an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

“For Gen Y, the home is a place to live out of, not to live in,” he says. “They don’t think of this as a sacrifice. It’s just their lifestyle.”

During my time in NYC, I lived happily in a 400 sq ft studio, and unless my love of shoes got out of hand, it was all I needed.  I agree 100% with the old mantra “Location, location, location.” Do you?

So here’s a selection of beautiful condos in some of Charleston’s great locations – all walking and biking distance to most of what you need.

These lofts located in a converted church are a stone’s throw from Hampton Park and stumbling distance from Moe’s Crosstown Tavern, featured in Esquire as one of America’s best bars.  Check out the Francis Street Lofts website for more info.
1017823 – Details: 2 FRANCIS ST, #L, CHARLESTON, SC – $234,900

These two both overlook Colonial Lake in the heart of Harleston Village, just a 5 minute walk to King St and the Ashley River.
2729339 – Details: 63 RUTLEDGE AVE, #23, CHARLESTON, SC – $258,000
2923533 – Details: 58 RUTLEDGE AVE, #A, CHARLESTON, SC – $299,000

This condo  is right in between MUSC and the College of Charleston and just 5 minutes walk from the Upper King St Design and Restaurant district.
1000997 – Details: 65 VANDERHORST ST, #H, CHARLESTON, SC – $299,000

Tiny but beautifully done, the Market’s Gate condos couldn’t be any closer to the action.

2930792 – Details: 85 CUMBERLAND ST, #3, CHARLESTON, SC – $299,900

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