Update on Handy Man Specials in Wagener Terrace

There are none.  That’s the update.

Well ok – there are a few, but they are either overpriced, or not in a great location.  When I last wrote about the handy man specials in Wagener Terrace in May, continuing a series I have been writing for almost a year now, the situation was not much different.  Since then several have come on the market and then gone under contract or sold within a couple months including:
1012474 – Details: 141 SIMONS ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $142,500
2926160 – Details: 40 PEACHTREE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $160,000
1011020 – Details: 54 DARLINGTON AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $189,500
2913621 – Details: 989 ASHLEY AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $215,000
2926938 – Details: 69 CYPRESS ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $105,000
1010472 – Details: 17 ALBERTA AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $121,250
1008242 – Details: 833 RUTLEDGE AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $123,000
1010882 – Details: 143 HESTER ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $130,000
2906988 – Details: 814 RUTLEDGE AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $175,000

The situation is so dire that I even had to email people I know who live in Wagener Terrace to see if there were any homes NOT on the market that might be interested in selling.  So there ya have it.  Would it be safe to say that handy man specials in Wagener Terrace are the hottest thing in Charleston besides this soupy heat?  I think so.

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