What $200,000 gets you in Charleston

For this series, I am just going to take a look at what is available on the Charleston Peninsula.  Yes, I know you can do a search on your own but wouldn’t you agree that sometimes it helps to have the inside perspective?  While at first glance, $200,000 seems expensive for what you get, consider the significant savings over time in transportation costs.  As a matter of fact, did you know Wagener Terrace is one of the entire metro area’s most affordable neighborhoods when you factor that in?

So here’s what $200,000 gets you in Charleston:

A teeny one-bedroom or studio apartment below the Crosstown.

1008897 – Details: 14 LOCKWOOD BLVD, #5A, CHARLESTON, SC – $199,000 (very close to MUSC so great for nurses and doctors)
1000456 – Details: 12 BEE ST, #C, CHARLESTON, SC – $200,000
2733806 – Details: 313 MEETING ST, #22, CHARLESTON, SC – $205,000 (spitting distance from Marion Square and King St)

A nice condo, small house or fixer upper above the Crosstown in Wagener Terrace.  If you up it to about $220,000 (or approximately $100 more a month) you can find a renovated house!

1026193 – Details: 19 ADDLESTONE AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $198,899 (across from Hampton Park)
1013256 – Details: 160 DARLINGTON AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $199,000
1027011 – Details: 204 SANS SOUCI ST, #6B, CHARLESTON, SC – $199,900 (this condo has Ashley River views)

Stay tuned for the next installment – what $300,000 gets you in Charleston.

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