The City Market becomes more Local

For years I’ve dreamt about the City Market becoming more than just a tourist destination selling schlocky knock-off purses, jewelry and kids clothes.   I’ve envisioned a market more like Seattle’s Pike Place or New York’s Grand Central Market – with flowers and baked goods and local artisans.

Much progress has been made in that direction as for the past two years the Market has been upping the quality of the merchandise offered and the outdoor sheds have been renovated to be more attractive and accessible.

But now get ready for the piece de resistance!  No, I did not get my wish, but this is MUCH MUCH better than what currently exists….From today’s article in the Post and Courier….read it and weep!

“When the City Market restoration wraps up this spring, the historic operation will feel like anything but a T-shirt and trinket stand.

The men heading up the project revealed Tuesday that the 33,000-square-foot building that stretches from Meeting to Church streets, the final phase to undergo renovations, will house such prominent local retailers as clothier M. Dumas & Sons, toy merchant Wonder Works and even the Historic Charleston Foundation. They’ve dubbed the area “the Great Hall,” and it will include outdoor seating where customers can enjoy barbecue from local caterer Jimmy Hagood or a panini from George Street gourmet market Caviar and Bananas.”

City Market Rendering

Glenn Keyes Architects

The City Market’s ‘Great Hall,’ seen in this rendering, will be home to a variety of shops and restaurants. Each store will feature an exterior window display and custom cabinets with a metal gate that locks up after business hours.”

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