Why it’s hard not to PLUMP up in Charleston

If you aren’t from here, or are just moving here (or if you already live here I think you’ll agree), it’s hard not to plump up in Charleston.  Why?  Because…

  1. Charleston is very social.  Perhaps it’s our Southern need for camaraderie and gatherings, but we like to get it togetha.
  2. There is always something going on.  Whether it’s art, or benefits, or meet and greets, or events or music – there’s so much to choose from.  Even in a town this size, it’s easy to double book your night, every night of the week.
  3. New enticing restaurants open up weekly.  No exaggeration.  Just this past month we’ve added several to our vast array of foodie delights:
  • Barsa – opening up in Shine’s former spot on Upper King St.
  • The Rice Market – opened up in the old Boathouse location on East Bay St, you’ll find local food with an Asian flair and a fantastic outdoor patio (complete with a bocce court!)
  • The Belmont Lounge – a low key bar that serves artisan beers, liquors and a fine selection of wine.
  • The Patat Spot – not quite open yet but coming soon.  Serving those addictive steaming french fries in a paper cone with 50 different sauces to choose from.  I confess I left New York partly to get away from these.

So I thank my lucky stars that at least in Charleston I can attempt to walk or bike this goodness off.  Or swim. Or kayak.  Or anything else that suits my daily fancy.  Yeah, I could go to any one of the million gyms or bootcamps, or try a newfangled class like Hot Yoga/Barre/Zumba, but for me, the Lowcountry is just too pretty to stay inside…

Besides, I have to check out the new restaurants.

3 Responses to “Why it’s hard not to PLUMP up in Charleston

  • Thanks for ruining my diet! Too true about the schedule of events. I was pleasantly surprised at the frequency and the quality of each event, having moved here from a larger city.

    • I agree 100%! I have even talked to people who moved here from L.A., were worried about the number of activities that would be available in Charleston, and now find themselves with more friends and things to do than ever before.

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